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by - 1/13/2019 06:00:00 PM

Hey Friends!

Here I am posting about fall decorations, and the surroundings are all white with snow as it's mid January! All fall long I dreamed off a moment of crafty time, when I could cut dozens of leaves and build a wreath using them. I saved the Goldenrod collection for that, but for nothing as all had to be thrown out because of the mold.
One sentence update about it is, that we're still living at my Mother-in-law's and will be leaving the next couple months as well. Our home is drying and after that starts the re-building. But the drying will take at least another five weeks or so.
Better things - I decided no mold can stop me from crafting! I ordered couple of my favorite papers from Goldenrod collection and did what I had planned. Yey!
Small things matters in a situation like this. Small victories helps us stay strong and believe in better days. 

The creation process was simple: just rolled some iron wire to a shape of large circle, and added thick cotton thread on top and around - that makes the center piece. I cut out many different sized and shaped leaves with my Silhouette. Then I simply glued all leaves down with hot glue. Last, some stickers here and there and it was finished!

I'll hang this wreath to our new wall next summer. It will be a mark reminding about this winter of battles. And hopefully, about how I won and survived. We survived. We're strong.

Terhi xx

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