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Sometime before we found the mold from our home, my husband took this (and several other) photograph of me creating, photographing, or doing whatever I was going to do during that one normal day.
I didn't ask him, as I usually do for all photos, this time he just wrapped his phone and started shooting. "Because you love documenting." he said when I asked why.
I'm super grateful for the possibility to see myself in his eyes, but these photos makes another important thing for us. The photographs shows our home.
At this point, two months after the mold finding, our home is only raw walls and concrete floor. All furniture has been thrown away, all decorations thrown away, clothes thrown away, my craft supplies thrown away... We have nothing left.
But just because my sweet husband got his inspiration to photograph me, we have amazingly big bunch of photos to show us how it all looked before this chaos.
We didn't clean before he photographed, we didn't make anything to make our home more "approved to social media", so those photos are showing us exactly how it all was.

It's so amazing how things makes sense, and things got reasons.

Terhi xx

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