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Every now and then I have had #sponsored opportunities to try out new products, sometimes I like them and sometimes not. From day one I've decided to not post about anything I don't actually like. Sometimes I see post online about products that had to be mentioned, but obviously the one posting it doesn't really believe in the product.
Don't want that for me. If I tell you something, it has to be good.

So. This time I opened a package with my name on it and found this beautiful dark wood and black Letterboard from DCWV.
It comes with small-ish alphas in white and it's gorgeous! Other words, like the ones coming with bigger letterboards are combatile with this smaller letterboard so compouding words from different packages works perfectly!

To show you this letterborad I wanted to write something else than just "Love DCWV" on it, and I ended up with a phrase I found online some time ago. Actually the phrase was longer, but with keeping the idea I took some words out and made a bit shorter. You'll get the idea.
The phrase ins't the most cheerful, but the meaning is. It's now on my crafty shelf in our temporary apartment telling me everything is going to be ok eventually.

Stickers and die-cuts are from Pink Paislee 'Whimsical' collection.

Hope you like it!

Terhi xx

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