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Hey everyone!

I'm almost writing here some kind of apologies about the amount of photographs, but decided against it as I love all those details and want to share each and every one for you.

This is a cut file mini book I have done using one of my favourite collections from Dear Lizzy and a cut file from Paige Evans. Paige has even a tutorial video on her blog and Youtube channel, check it out.
I must say I have altered the original cut file a bit. For example, didn't use all the tags, and my covers are slightly bigger as I wanted them to be super thick. But oh how I love the result!
These sweet pastels, laces and cute flowers are making my heart sign! And of course, my girls in the photos are like cherry on top of a cake.
One special thing about this book is that... Can you spy it? Well, I'll tell: Machine stitching! YES! I had my Mom's sewing machine visiting our house (ok, apartment!) for couple weeks in June and I did couple of projects where I actually used it. Not my new best friend forever, but I love the way those stitches look on the cover.

Have you done any cut file mini albums? If you have your favorite, please share it in the comment section!

Products: American Crafts It's All Good collection designed by Dear Lizzy. 

Hope you're inspired!

Terhi xx

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