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by - 12/04/2012 03:01:00 PM

Pagemaps blog has a contest with a very lovely sketch.
My long-term plan was to cut a picture to pieces, and now I finally did it. Yey!
It turned to be quite nice way to get watchers attention to the details. See, if that picture would be in one part, you wouldn't pay attention to my little dog smelling (delicious!) horse shit, and you wouldn't see as close how soft R:s mouth is when she pushes it on my chest.
Altought, now my right arm looks so huge.. :D
This LO might look thinner here in pictures as it really is. I should take a paper-photographing class, if there was one. Or even get a scanner - christmas present, please :)
Backround was made with Studio Calicos masks ja mists. Again. But so what if I really love it?!
There's also splashes made with crafting paint.
Papers are from November 2012 when skies are grey-kit by Scraptastic Club, embollishments from the same place, and few random this from my drawer.
Journaling and the title is about a horses smile.
There's some times when I know when R is smiling for me, althought she is a horse and can't smile. Don't think I'm crazy! If you have ever had a horse, a dog, a cat or even a pig as your dear friend and  mate, you do know what I'm talking about.
If you don't have, please get one, and realize by yourself.

Thank you for taking time to read my blog. Please, leave a comment so I can find you :)

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3 kommenttia

  1. =) Kiva asettelu ja leikattu kuva. Miten joskus muistan lukeneeni ettei PM:n voittoja lähetetä ulkomaille.. Vai muistanko omiani.

    1. Omiasi muistelet osittain - niiden haasteissa on aina mainittu onko kaikille ja missä vaan vai vaan tietyn maan rajoissa.
      Tietysti hirrrveen kiva, huolehdit että mun tuleva palkintoni tulee perille asti :D


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