ScrapFITworkout #81: I am so thankful...

by - 12/10/2012 03:50:00 PM

...for my sweet dauhgters smile.
No more words for that.
Every mother knows what I mean.
Every smile from your baby is like...wordless!
All of the papers, alphapets and stickers are from Bo Bunny, flower and other stuff from my drawer. Title in english: Meas wondersmile!
Thank you little-M for coming to my life.
Olen kiitollinen pienen tyttäreni hymystä.
 ScrapFITin haasteessa tuli pohtia mille asioille on kiitollinen. Tämä on vain yksi niistä.
Paperit Bo Bunnyn, kukkanen ja muut kilkkeet arkistojen saloista.
Kiitos pikku-M kun olet elämässäni!

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  1. This is just super adorable ... love the photo ... love the bright colours ... love the embellies and the way you've done the ribbon loops beside the photo! Thanks for working out with us at ScrapFit!


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