LO: Together is our favorite place to be

by - 3/13/2014 09:40:00 AM

Hello! Theme day on Lemon Owl's blog. "Together is our favorite place to be" is a phrase to inspire, and it has to be on the layout. I had some of Lemon Owl's products left, so I build a page for this challenge.
That is one of my favorite pictures of me and my hubby. 

Heippa! Teemapäivä Lemon Owlin blogissa. "Together is our favorite place to be", oli lause jonka mukaan mentiin, ja joka tuli löytä sivusta. Minulla oli jokunen Lemon Owlin paperi jäljellä, niinpä rakensin sivun tähän haasteeseen.
Tämä on yksi lempparikuvistani jossa mieheni kanssa olemme.

I used modeling paste and mists to background. This was very simple, easy and actually very quick page to do - but this simplicity is something I'm enjoying right now. And this pleases my eye, very much!

Käytin tekstuuripastaa ja mistejä taustalle. Tämä oli hyvin yksinkertainen, helppo ja varsin nopea sivu tehdä - juuri tuo yksinkertaisuus kiehtoo tällä hetkellä. Ja sivu miellyttää silmääni kovasti!

Material list:
Lemon Owl, Sodalicious, Prima Marketing 
American Crafts, Ranger

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14 kommenttia

  1. Love that punch of pink paper! Gorgeous and sweet. xx

  2. Simple and quick ....hard to believe but a striking page that does justice to a lovely photo of you and your husband

  3. Love what you did with the background. Gorgeous layout!! How do you use modeling paste? l love the look!!!

    1. I used with a stencil to my background. You can see it in those close-ups :)

  4. Amazing layout! Love, love, love, all the details and colors!

  5. I agree with you I love simple and it is very pleasing to the eye. It also allows you to really see the photo... I love this one it is such a beautiful photo of you two. Love the background. Another stunning layout. I really love your style.


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