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Hello all! Happy to see you here! This a very special post for me, I want to tell you something about my trip to London last September. I never do these kind of posts, but the exception proves the rule, right? I hope you like these pics, and maybe you can learn some new things about me ;) 
That first photo collage above is traditional London tourist stuff, such as London Eye, Big Ben and well, London Eye again - but I prefer more the pictures below...

...because there is a picture of the Tower Bridge. My day time job is in engineering office, and all my studies was about structures and house building. My real (work)passion is old structures, and especially bridges - I can stare old blueprints for hours and I'll never stop wondering how hard it must have been to build that kind of things. So you can imagine how I felt like heaven, as our hotel was right next to Tower Bridge, one of my favorite bridges in the world! Other fav is in New York, hope to get there one day, and another fav is in Heinola, in the city where I was born and raised. 

One of the reasons we planned to do our trip was that we never had a honeymoon. I'm not the kind of person who enjoys laying on the beach for a week, and the thought of leaving kids to their grandma for a week - NO NO NO! That's why long weekend in London was perfect for us! We had our 7th anniversary there, and my (almost too-) sugary hubby was prepared to celebrating it by buying a lock for us to lock it to Tower Bridge. And throw the key to river Thames. That gesture was like the most romantic ever, it surprised me completely! I didn't even know how to behave in a situation like that, I was so confused. In happy way. 

For a photographer like me London was a great choice. I could spent hours and hours just photographing all little details I saw. And for a scrapbook artist like me, London was a great choice, so much inspiration everywhere! Even the scaffolding (picture below) made me want to build a page or a canvas inspired by like those pipes goes. And maps. Especially London underground maps. Or windows in Parliament building. 

Little details, big buildings. More details.

Another great thing for me in big city like London was people. People just like in the pics below: random tourists photographing sights, tender touches on a boat and that young couple looking at the ring that lady is wearing - maybe they just got engaged?! I love watching people, but I really enjoy my quiet alone time, too.
Also, I met a very special lady over there. Ali, the editor from Scrap365 magazine, and I went to have afternoon tea, just like English people do: lots of cakes and scones and delicious tea - most importantly great company! She was even more lovely and cute that I knew! How great it is to travel all over the world and meet people who shares the same passion for paper. Oh, I want to travel everywhere and see you all! Wait for me US, I'm coming, and Poland, and France, and Australia, and South Africa, and, and, and..  

You can guess how many of these pics are already in my layouts!? Or how many of them are on my waiting list? Or how many layout you are about to see with London theme ;)
Thank you for stopping by today, have a great week!

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  1. Beautiful post! Enjoyed every second & it brought back soooo many memories, as a couple of years ago Tom & I got to spend FOUR weeks [yes! a whole MONTH!!!] in London sightseeing......sigh. One of my most fave cities in the world....& you met Ali! How fabulous!! And the padlock in the Thames thing....good man you have there:):) And when you DO eventually come to Aussie....well, you'll have to drop by our place;)!!!

  2. Wow Terhi! The photos are fantastic and it looks like you had an amazing time. Any time you want to come to Australia just look me up!

  3. Very nice piqtures! And nice for you to meet Ali to. I miss Scrap 365!


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