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Happy new week everyone! We have a new challenge open over at 13arts blog, here (link). Challenge theme is WInter Tales, as we have a new collection called that, but the idea is to tell about your favorite winter stories. There is a moodboard to get you inspired, so hop on there and see what it is all about.
I'm telling a story about our late dog. Our dear family member passed away last month, November 11th, after fighting against tough pain caused by syringomyelia. The decision of animal's life is always hard, but seeing her in such a big pain made it easy. No one should suffer. Now we miss her so much. Our girls have been crying a lot, we've cry together and talked a lot about death and how important it is to keep them in good care. Peppi will be forever in our hearts and thoughts, she was so precious.
The best way for me to cope with any drama is to do some crafts, so this challenge theme, best winter memories, made me think about how much Peppi loved winter and snow. So I wrote a lot of stories and momeries of her plays to the background of the layout. And if you're wondering why the title is the way it is - it's because Peppi's real name, the kennel name, was Forever Yours (not our choice!). But that is what she was, and is, Forever ours.
I hope she is in a good place now, without any pain.

Thank you coming by and reading, I promise to be back with happier theme the next time.

Oh, and Countdown To Christmas giveaways are still open!
Countdown To Christmas, part one - Scrap FX
Countdown To Christmas, part two - Pan Pastels
Countdown To Christmas, part three - A Flair For Button.

Materials used: 13arts, American Crafts

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  1. A beautiful page and a wonderful testament to the love you had for your wee dog. It is NOT nice seeing any animal suffer, although it hurts to make the decision to get them put down. I hope soon you might get a new dog. That is always a healing thing, speaking from experience:):)


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