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                    Below are some samples of the workshops I can teach, don't hesitate to ask other as well.
                    In case you'd like to have in-person workshop with me, contact me via email:

                    Layers and Details
                    Scrapbook layout workshop with all my favorite techniques. Combining a lot of different and quick techniques makes a perfect layout with lots of details in it. The layout includes some mixed media techniques, seven different layers, but still it's easy to archive and quick to do.

                    Paper, Glue and Ink
                    Scrapbook layout workshop teaches you the basic of scrapbooking and gives you ideas even if you have been doing this for years. You don't need to own million different supplies to be a good scrapbooker: Paper, Glue and Ink makes it all. Learn how to do your own paper flowers without any cutting machines, and create a unique background for your favorite photographs.

                    Trash and Scrap
                    Scrapbook layout workshop turns your trash into a scrapbook layout. Little pieces of paper and leftover alphabets can be so much more than trash. I'll show you how to use the tiniest pieces of paper and make the paper cluster of your life! In addition I let you know 
                    the basics of color theory, which colors are good together and which ones never should be used in the same project.

                    Past workshops and demos:

                    27th - 30th January 2018
                    Creative World Frankfurt

                    27th to 29th October 2017, Ã…lesund (event), Norway
                    'Layers and Details'
                    'Best Moments'
                    'Mixed Minibook'

                    10th June 2017, Seinäjoki, Finland
                    'Best Moments'
                    'Mixed Minibook'

                    5th May 2017, Ikaalinen, Finland
                    'Layers and Details'

                    22nd-24th April 2017 Version Scrap, France
                    'Layers and Details'
                    'Rainbows and Butterflies'

                    2nd-4th September 2016 Okka Treff i Egersund, Norway
                    'Layers and Details', scrapbook layout
                    'Mix and Match', scrapbook layout
                    'Small Piece and Big Thoughts', Artists Trading Cards

                    20-21th May 2016 Fly like a Butterfly: Mixed Media pARTy (event), Poland

                    17th January 2016 Fly like a Butterfly: (private workshop), Finland

                    23-25th October 2015 "Layers & Details": Mixed Media pARTy (event), Poland

                    18th April 2015 "Layers & Details": Askartelupirtti (event), Finland

                    19th April 2015 "Mirror, mirror on the wall...": Askartelupirtti (event), Finland