Souvenirs from New Zealand - CAD2018

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Hello all!

I have been writing this post so many times now, and it feels I can not find the right words to express my feelings. The biggest feeling, now after being home ten days is gratitude.
The saying "my heart is full" has now a new meaning.
I added here some pics, some thought about our journey. No way those two weeks could be squeezed into one post.
So take a peek. And I mean really, just a peek.

Almost all of the photos here are from my IG stories, which you can find from my Instagram @terhi_koskinen. There's videos too in the same story, so take a look! In my profile is a story called 'New Zealand'.

I was so glad to be able to take my hubby with me!
The first flight was six hours, then 2 hours in Doha, and 17 to Auckland. That's a lot of sitting.
But worth it! And I'm very good at sleeping in plane.

This same grin is still on my face.

New Zealand is so beautiful. I mean, Auckland alone was worth seeing, but the nature... WOW! Just one big wow! The traffic is right side, and here in Finland is left side, so I'm happy my husband did all the driving, I just enjoyed.

I taught three different classes in this event called Creative Adventure Downunder, and all twice and there was so much of people! What could be better! All the students were extremely talented and so kind. I learned many, many new English words and expressions and made so many new friends.
My style of teaching and creating was obviously a bit different of what they have used to, so I think they all had what they hoped: something new.

My lovely Australian students. Hope to see you again in November!
Yes, I'm teaching some classes in Brisbane, too.

Of course I knew Heidi Swapp would be there teaching, but seeing her actually in real life was very surreal. She is so kind, nice and beautiful person inside and out.
Feels still unreal to tell myself that I actually have taught in same event as she.

The event was from Friday to Sunday. Lots of teaching, lots of eating, lots of fun, especially the Saturday night Luau-party. All fun Hawaii themed dresses and decorations, and very memorable entertaining show from a local artist.

I taught two layouts and one minibook. My personal favorite was a layout with lots of paints and colors. Real therapy I say!

Us all! Well, this was taken Sunday afternoon and some had to leave before. Hope next year they will take the group shots in the middle of the event to make sure everyone is in the picture.

It was so much fun.
I enjoyed every minute, every second. Everything!

Dreams do come true.

Here's our host Michele and her lovely team. Thank you so much Denise, Erica, Annmarie and Michele for your help!
And the biggest thank you for Michele to invite me, hosting me, taking care of me, and showing me the best time of my life.
Thank you!

After the event we drove down to Whitianga. Small town in north-east New Zealand. We stayed in beach front hotel relaxing and watching the Pacific Ocean. Absolutely breathtaking! As well as was the views during our drive.

We saw all the beautiful sights as Hot water Beach, Hahei, Ghatetral Gove.. Some beaches were empty, just the two of us, and some has couple of tourist here and there. Most wearing ponchos and jackets because the wind - we enjoyed the sun without shirts. Because Finland :D

I'm already planning to go back one day and taking my girls with us. They'd love that little paradise as much as we!

My heart is really full.

Thank you Michele.

Terhi xx

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