Art Journal with PanPastel: Wild horses.

by - 11/19/2014 08:52:00 AM

Hi all! Last Saturday morning was a bit weird. To be honest, really weird, special and also kind of like a nightmare. I was driving to my stable, feeling still sleepy as I just woke up. All the sudden I saw TEN HORSES running on the road. Ten horses! No riders! Running free! And all the other car drivers just continued their driving as it would be a regular thing to see horses running free in the city. Yes, we were just next to city center, couple hundred meters from railway station - so all I saw was a big and very dangerous situation.
I stopped my car, got up and called to the emergency center immediately, at same time I walk slowly to catch up the leader of the "horse gang". Fortunately i know horses and I can see how they are going to act, and what are they thinking about. So I was lucky to keep my nerves calm, and tried to sign "stop!" to other car drivers and cyclists at the same time. People are so stupid! 
Anyway, I tried to talk to the horses and scrabble some candy paper in my pocket to make interesting noise and carefully ask them to move away from the drive way. I managed to do so! Score! I didn't have any clue about from where those horses are from, or who own's them, so I couldn't lead them to any direction. I also did not know what kind of horses were they: angry racehorses or someone's pets. Couple minutes later few girls from the nearest riding stable came with headstalls and strings and we were able to catch all the horses. We walked the horses to stable (about 1 mile) and luckily all of them were ok, no injures. Stable owner thanked me a lot - right woman in the right place at the right time!
After this little incident, I went to my stable and check all the fences and gates at least couple of times, just to make sure my sweethearts won't run away. 

So, as the whole situation went so fast, and obviously it was a dangerous moment, I wasn't able to take any photos of it. As I usually photograph everything... But this kind of things happens only once in the lifetime (hopefully! luckily!) so I wanted to memorize it some how. Last Friday PanPastel and Tempera (art supplies retailer in Helsinki) sent me a package full of PanPastels and PanPastel tools, so this was a great time to compine two fun things: Try out my new PanPastels and write my memories down. Big THANK YOU PanPastel for sponsoring me!

I started with white paper, and actually, the white papers and PanPastels made all of that. I used stencils and masks, finishing touches with black pen. That's all, and I think this art journal spread was a huge success! It's flat, but it looks layered and rich, doesn't it :)

Materials used: PanPastels, Donna Downey and Faber-Castell.

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  1. This is just so fabulous. I need to get mine out again and play with them... you rocked this one and I loved your story. How lucky that none of them were hurt and it was you who calmed them Could have been a very bad situation <3

  2. What an incredible story, it was a good job you were there! I look forward to seeing your layouts I don't know how you do it and where you find the time, keep up the good work.


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