Hip Kit Club: XOXO (+VIDEO)

by - 6/25/2015 07:30:00 AM

Hi all! Another week has passed and again it's my turn to shine on Hip Kit Club blog. Even though I've been playing with May Kits for four weeks, I'm playing the fifth week as well. Sometimes it takes time to get the package over an ocean, although the delay is because of custom service.
But this delay taught me something: the Hip Kit Club kits are HUGE! I've done like a billion layouts with May Kits before (here, here, here and here) and bunch of cards (here) I still had a lot of products to work with. So I did two layouts more, first above and other can be found from Hip Kit Club blog, here, I will blog it here later.
The main kit costs 29,95$ for subscriber, and if you can do over ten layouts with it and still have products left I'd say it as a good deal!
With this layout I played with acrylic paints and stencils and got a very weird shaped picture. Creations process can be watched from the video above, enjoy!

Thank you for stopping by!

Materials used: May Project Life Kit, May Cardstock Kit, May Color Kit, May Embellishment Kit, May Main Kit.

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