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by - 7/26/2015 07:00:00 AM

Hello everyone! Yesterday I had a moment to shine on 13arts blog, here. I created a scrapbook layout telling a story about my most favorite chore during the summers. Lawn mowing. Yes! Cutting the grass makes me happy, it really does. The smell, the fact that you immediately see the result, again the smell of freshly cut grass, and we shall not forget about the benefits of exercise!
That's actually something we (almost!) argue with my husband - who gets to do it as it's so much fun! And this is a good time to mention that we live in a row house and our back yard not too big. It takes about 20 minutes to cut the lawn so probably our arguing would be solved if the lawn would be any bigger. 
For this far I've been the winner every time we have talked about who gets to do it. The main problem is that now that our older daughter Maya is big enough to do it herself, she wants to do it as well! NO! My favorite chore has moved to second generation and this really approves how parental example does the trick.
I wonder if we have never discussed about who gets to do this super cool chore of lawn mowing, Maya wouldn't thought it was fun at all. Now that we did, she wants it too.
We should do the same trick inside of our house. Who gets clean windows!? Who gets to wash the floors!? Who gets to wash the toilets and who gets to the laundry...

Anyway, back to the layout. 
I used fine grained grits to bring the grass effect on the layout. Grits are easy to use, you can either mix them into gel medium or any other medium, even with paint and then apply to your page. Or then do like I did and spread some gel medium to the places I wanted the grit to be, then carefully add the grits and shake the loose off.

So happy you visited here today, thank you for that!
We'll see you soon.

Materials used: 13arts
Gel Medium
Papers - Mental Vacation

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