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Hi all! Create A Smile made me smile yesterday while creating this layout with their products. I posted this layout to their blog, here, and thought to tell you something special about it. Even though I never thought I would, but today I'm sharing another kind of process video for you - with me talking in it! That was fun!
Now I hope to hear your feedback about it. Do you prefer videos with music and subtitles or videos with my voice and weird unique English?

The layout tells about my other passion, riding. 
Riding a horse is a tough thing. You need to be as relaxed as you can ever be, you need to sit down and not disrupt horse's movement, still you need to be tough and strict with orders you give and need to think always one step further. It's soft and hard at the same time, need to feel it and do the work at the same.
My husband was at the stable with me the other day and took some photos of me and Mustikka (the horse). It teach so much to see pictures and videos, riding might look easy but it really is so far away of easy!
That is one of the things fascinating me with horses and with scrapbooking. I can never ever be ready with either one. Always something more to learn and discover. Challenging, mesmerizing.

Enjoy the video, and remember to tell me what you think about it.
Thanks for stopping by!

Materials used: Create A Smile, Sodalicious, 7 Dots Studio, ILS, 13arts, American Crafts.

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4 kommenttia

  1. Upea leiska ja video. Oli mukava kuulla välillä puhetta. Video oli todella selkeä ja helppo seurattava. Hyvä Terhi!

  2. Lovely video and layout, Terhi. I was nice to hear your voice (y)

  3. Lovely to,hear your voice but equally enjoyable to watch and listen to music. That's no help is it really? Whichever is good for you.

  4. As usual, layout is gorgeous. It might make you laugh but...I ended up turning the volume up because at first I thought that you had some poetry being read in the background instead of the usual chill out music. hahaha silly me :) It was lovely to hear your voice - your accent adds up to the uniqueness of you designs. I'd know that, I'm Polish!


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