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by - 7/12/2015 07:00:00 AM

Hello all and happy Sunday! Today I''m posting my last layout I did for C'est Magnifique Kit Club with their July Mixed Media Kit, as a guest designer.
First I was a bit afraid of all dark and bold colors in the kits but I'm so glad of each project I've made. Find them here, all of these three includes videos:

I made this Up n' Down layout to remind me again what happens in life - all the time. At one moment we're flying high and the next thing you know is that your face hits the ground. No options than get back to your feet and move on, and then your back flying high. You know it.
The Ferris wheel reminded about that and that's why it got to my page. The dark edges of each paper reflect the parts your rolling on the ground, and the flower next to the picture is there to remind about the happy moments - and to make sure I'm not too melancholic here.

Have a happy Sunday, I know I will. We'll see you tomorrow!

Materials: C'est Magnifique July Mixed Media Kit, July Paper Add-on, July Flower Add-on, mediums from 13@rts.

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