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by - 1/13/2016 08:00:00 AM

Hi there! In December I saw like million posts of big piles of Christmas cards what people had done. One of friends made like hundred cards for Christmas, and when I heard that my mouth look like the letter "O". 

I hardly did any.

First was Christmas card I made during the Artists Live Ustream Show in November (link)

Then I saw how beautiful cards my team mates done over at Create A Smile, and I couldn't resist to try one myself. We had new release with new gorgeous stamps, it was really inspiring. The cards our team did were all so beautiful, so pretty and so fresh. I had to do one! But, as always, my tiny card was very far from fresh, simple and easy, so I gave up and continued scrapbooking. Lol.
Still I'm showing you this, just to tell you how proud I am I did card.
Maybe this year I manage to do four cards. That's my New Year resolution and big goal.

You'll find the Create A Smile December reveal from here, lots of each more beautiful stamps to enjoy!

Materials used: Create A Smile

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