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by - 1/18/2016 08:00:00 AM

Good new week ahead! It's freezing out here, but my flowers are blooming. Why? Because they're made of paper. And I mean, only paper. No mixed media, as I guess hot glue isn't mixed media.
Also, no cutting machines. No Silhouette, as I don't own one, no nothing. Just me, paper, scissors and glue. Few pearls and ribbon to embellish the master piece.
I was so satisfied with this, I created a workshop around it. So if you're interested, contact me! All other workshop examples are in Workshops tab (link).
One reason to be so satisfied was that I'm kind of famous of my ability to kill all green and flowers I got. This doesn't need any water, it doesn't need light and there's no need to talk to it (yes, my Grandma always says you need to talk to your greens to get them bloom... Crazy family!). So from now on, every time my Grandma comes over, I can smile proudly and show my forever blooming flowers.

Thank you for popping in!

Materials used: American Crafts, Rayher

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6 kommenttia

  1. YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYay!!!! Terhi it's 100000% STUNING!!!! and big suprise from you!!!!! AMAZING!!!!

  2. Beautiful flower bouquet! I have the same reason for having only paper flowers at the house. :D

  3. Wow lovely flower bouquets!!!! I want to gift paper flower bouquet to my bestfriend but i don't know where will i get such bouquet, please suggest if you know any kind of delivery.

  4. Wow!! I loved those paper flower bouquets. It can be gifted to your close ones. More than real flowers i love gifting such paper flowers bouquet.


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