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by - 11/22/2018 10:14:00 AM

Hey there!

Today I have something very different and very exciting thing to share:

called MINDFULNESS is now online!

The Mindfulness online class is all about layering, layering and layering - and tells you how to combine your layered elements the way it will not look only pile of something weird and thick.
There's a bit of mixed media, and you can do it all with the tools you probably already have in home.
Quick, easy and wonderful - that's my goal!

The class is available with and without the Mindfulness kit.
Here's a close up of the Mindfulness kit, which I'm of course very proud!
I was personally designing it, and it's beyond all my expectations. So sweet, so unisex, so pretty, so versatile, and so dreamy - as I hoped it would be.

Go and purchase yours before it's all gone!
47,50€ (+ shipping)
Shipping internationally!

Mindfulness Online Class + Class kit in co-operation with 

Oh, and run fast to my Instagram: I'll be sharing details of the kit today in my IG Stories and there might be happening a giveaway sometime soon.

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