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by - 1/20/2016 02:04:00 PM

Hello! You know I love pretty things. Cute things. And beautiful colors. And white! Well, the idea of combining two of my passions, mixed media and pretty things (aren't those the same) gave me messy hands and in a moment this piece was born.
As with the bouquet (Flowers Are Forever, link) this will be another workshop theme as well. It's a perfect project to get the knowledge of basic mixed media, and it's great opportunity to learn interesting details about creating textures and beautiful details. To make it even more interesting, the
canvas size is only 15cm x 15cm, so it's teeny tiny small and will be lovely little color maker for your home.
So if you're interested, contact me! All other workshop examples are in Workshops tab (link).

This workshop will be also in Mixed Media pARTy (link) - get your spot now and we'll see you there :)

Thank you for stopping by!

Materials: 13arts, Prima Marketing

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