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by - 2/07/2016 07:00:00 AM

Hi all! Today I'm sharing my layout made as a guest designer with 13arts to CSI: Colors, Stories and Inspiration, here (link). Feels so good to be back with CSI, it's been so long the last I did any case files. They are so much fun!
Evidence: Solid background, swirls, stamps.
Testimony: Write about special bond.
To explain my testimony part, I wrote about me and my hubby's bond. That photograph might not give the perfect idea of our "perfect" relationship, but for me it tells is all: we have so much fun together. Of course we have our bad days and bad moments, but we know each other so well it doesn't matter if the other one is angry or disappointed. We talk it through. And there's a lot more I wrote (on the background of the layout) about our special bond, but I don't want to share it all. Girl needs to have her secrets, right ;)

See you soon, thanks for your visit!

Materials used: 13arts
Papers - Mental Vacation

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