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by - 2/14/2016 12:00:00 PM

Hello! Time for a new challenge over at 13arts blog, here (link). And it isn't just any challenge, it's the challenge as I'm the host and the lady behind this gorgeous pink theme.
So please take your papers and scissors and create a mixed media based project in a theme "think pink", then link it to 13arts blog and win some goodies.
Talking about winning goodies, have you noticed that 13arts have a new fan page at Facebook. There is monthly challenges as well and you can share all your 13arts projects, we'd love to see them. It's here (link).

Have a happy Sunday!

Materials used: 13arts
Clear Gesso
Gel Medium
Modelling Paste
Natural Mica Flakes - Light Gold
Stamps - Stars
Mist - Chalk Dirty Pink
Mist - Pastel Dirty Pink
Mist - Pearl Black
Pearl Mist - Colorless Gloss
Pearl Mist - Pink
SPLASH! Ink White
Papers - Secret Letters
Gesso Clear
SPLASH! Pink Glitter
White Cardboard
Chipboards - Secret Letters
Openwork Tablecloth
Crystal Square Large

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  1. Your page, as always, is most gorgeous - beautiful shades of pink and adorable photo.


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