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Hello! Please help me welcome little Myy in to our family! 
Myy is now eight weeks old little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and she has definitely made her way to our hearts. Our late dog Peppi was same breed and the same color so - why to change if we have already seen how perfectly Cavalier fits to our family.
Right now Myy is learning how to ask out, and how to not bite human, how to not eat the coach and eat only toys and bones... Just like every eight week old puppies are doing. She is very cheerful and has a huge heart, she is very interested of everything and I can't wait for upcoming warmer months to be able to be more outside with her.
Our girls have taken Myy very good to our family, they let her sleep and let her be calm if needed. Especially Maya is really good handling her, I'm so surprised of how well Maya understand Myy is little and needs to be learned. Mea instead is much more careful, she wants to hold and play with Myy only when Myy is really tired, just to make sure she doesn't have too much energy. Well, slowly we are making progress.
The most interesting part is still ahead, getting Myy to get familiar with horses! Right now it is so cold outside the little puppy would just shake. So we'll wait for better days. Until that, I'm just cuddling her 24/7 and focusing on being happy. Seriously happy! She even smells perfect. The puppy smell <3

Hip Kit Club February Kits are full on springy colors and beautiful supplies, so I took the awesome Shimmerz texture paste from February Color Kit and played with it and the exclusive stencil we had in the same kit. This stenciling technique isn't new, it is just a basic way to add texture and color to the background, but the sheen inside the paste makes it so cool.
Yellow and touch of pink made the black and white photo look more girly, as Myy is a baby girl.
More about the techniques for this super duper basic layout is told on a video, so feel free to watch it.

Thank you for stopping by!

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