DCWV | Stay Humble

by - 4/13/2016 08:00:00 AM

Hey hey! Yesterday I shared a home decor piece I created for my goddaughter, and today I'm sharing something made for myself. This is a 11,5"x18" heavy cardstock which will be added into a frame later, just haven't found the perfect frame yet, and the size is an issue as well. But I made this to my office, to remind me every day to stay humble and work hard, just as it says. Sometimes life (well, work) is so busy that I almost forgot to keep the high quality line to reach to the level I want to keep. 
As said, this is made for my office, so I wanted to keep the white and harmony style. 

Thanks for stopping by, we'll see you soon!

Materials used: DCWV, 13arts

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