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by - 5/05/2016 12:00:00 PM

Hi there, how are you?

I'm almost packing my packs already, it's two weeks and I'm off to Poland again! So looking forward for it. As you probably know, i love teaching and i will teach one workshops in Mixed Media pARTy, but I also love seeing my friends there. It is so amazing how papercrafting and mixed media has brought all us together - I mean ALL, even you who are reading this right now! 
I never knew I could say I have real good friends in other countries, but this hobby, this lifestyle has made it possible. Feeling very grateful.
Keeping touch via Facebook, Skype, and all other social medias is easy and fun, but giving a physical hug to a friend is something that nothing can beat.
I wish I could travel all over the world to see all of you. Or to have you visit here in Finland. Well, one by one. Now Poland, next will be Norway and hopefully there will be much more in the future.

The layout I'm sharing today is made for 13arts and it is up on the 13arts blog today, here.
It has lot of medias on the background and look almost too messy for me, but sometimes it's good to have your apron on and let the splashing start!

Thank you for stopping by today, see you very soon! 

Materials used: 13arts
Clear Gesso
Gel Medium
Modelling Paste
Stamps - Vintage Background
Stencil - Postcard
Mist - Chalk Dirty Pink
Mist - Pastel Dirty Pink
Mist - Pearl Black
Pearl Mist - Colorless Gloss
Pearl Mist - Pink
SPLASH! Ink White
Papers - Secret Letters
SPLASH! Pink Glitter
White Cardboard
Chipboards - Secret Letters

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