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Hello! How are you? I just got back from Poland - posting later about it - and thought to share some info about where you can meet me next.
I'm travelling to south Norway in September, there will be an event called Okka Treff (link to Facebook page) and I'm teaching three workshops there. Info about how to sign up is up on the Facebook page.

If you're interested having me somewhere else, or if you have any questions, please just send me an email to tellimaria@gmail.com.

Thank you and have a happy day!

Workshop 1:
Layers and Details

Scrapbook layout workshop with all my favorite techniques. Combining a lot of different and quick techniques makes a perfect layout with lots of details in it. The layout includes some mixed media techniques, seven different layers, but still it's easy to archive and quick to do.

Workshop 2.
ATC - small piece, big thoughts

Three little pieces of cardboard, but still we can spend hours experimenting different techniques on them. In this workshop we will play with several mediums and give your unique artistic look and style to each card.

Workshop 3:
Mix and Match

Special mixed media scrapbook layout for Norwegian Crafters! Set your creativity free and wear your apron, we will play with watercolors, with mists and with paints on the same layout.
In addition I let you know the basics of color theory, which colors are good together and which ones never should be used in the same project.

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