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by - 6/04/2016 08:00:00 AM

Hi all! How are you?

I'm extremely excited about having my brand new May Hip Kits here, and today I'm showing you the first piece I created with them. Of course everything in the kits are very well coordinated together but also this month we had some exclusive ephemera in the kits! These fabulous ephemera pieces are designed by Kim Watson and manufactured by Pink Fresh Studio - talking about exclusive and quality! I'm so in love and I hope you are too by seeing these in use!

The picture above is me and my friend together riding in the woods for first time after looong winter. Some roads near to our stable are too dangerous to use during the winter time, so it is so relaxing and exciting to go further for the first time in spring. Really happy moment for us.

Thank you for stopping by today, and enjoy the video!

Materials used: Hip Kit Club May 2016 Main Kit, May 2016 Embellishment Kit, May 2016 Color Kit, May 2016 Project Life Kit, May 2016 Paper Kit, May 2016 Cardstock Kit

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