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by - 7/05/2016 10:25:00 AM

Hello everyone! 

I had a lot of leftovers from May Hip Kits laying around my worktable, and couldn't resist to do something with all the scraps. I usually collect almost everything to one place, papers to one basket, embellishments to other etc., but this time I wanted to make something first. I already did a bunch of layouts, so something else then. Tags! And also, it's always nice to give something selfmade when you go to visit a friend or send something - so tags are wonderful for this use.
So I grapped some white tags, added a papercluster to each and then decorated them.
All recorded to a process video!

All three turned out quite colorful, but I'm pretty sure they will bring joy and happiness to receivers.

Thank you for coming here today!

Materials used: Hip Kit Club May 2016 Main Kit, May 2016 Embellishment Kit, May 2016 Color Kit, May 2016 Project Life Kit, May 2016 Paper Kit, May 2016 Cardstock Kit

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  1. Oh Tehri! These are soooo amazing....adore those colours and such luscious layers :):)


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