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Hi all!

Please let me introduce you to our new family member called Helmi (the name means a pearl in Finnish). Helmi is three year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, she is Myy's big sister and came to live with us for next six months as her owner has a special opportunity to travel and study abroad. There is no way I would say "no" for this kind of visitor, Helmi is just so cute and good behiving girl.
She has been with us for a week now, and clearly gets along perfectly. She plays with Myy and there's always a huge fight between my daughters of who will lead and who. Helmi gets along with the horses too, so I will definitely cry some really salty tears when the owner get back. But I'm sure this six months is worth it, lots of having fun and having experiment of what it is to have two dogs. Two sweet and cute dogs. 

The layout is created with June 2016 Hip Kits and I focused of using colors. Especially the colors from June Color Kit. The process video above shows you few ways to use the mists from the kit, and of course I added a lot of Hip Kit Club exclusive ephemera to make this layout more dimentional and textured. There's also at least four different kind of text elements on the layout, which gives it a special look. Kind of funny, but a bit arty too. What do you think? Is it better to keep on one title and one handwritten journaling, or add a lot of texts all over?
I prefer both, it's nice to have different kind of pages and details in your scrapbook albums.

See you soon again! Thanks for watching!

Materials used: June 2016 Main kit, June 2016 Embellishment kit, June 2016 Project Life kit, June 2016 Color kit, June 2016 Paper kit, June 2016 Cardstock kit

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