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by - 7/16/2016 08:00:00 AM


Time to continue this happy journey with June 2016 Hip Kits, today with very dreamy theme of my sleeping puppy. Gosh, she was so cute whilst she was sleeping in my bed. Yep, in my bed. But hey, she was just ten weeks old during the time the picture was taken. Can. Not. Resist. Her.
Now she is six and half months old and she already had her first "special lady weeks". Baby is growing up so fast and no more sleeps in my bed.

The June Color kit included some nice placemats from Jillibean Soup, and the word "perfection" was really perfect for this picture, so I did some embossing and coloring and made it look even better. At least in my opinion.
The same patterns are all over the background too, you can see the creation process and details from the video above. Talking of which, I couldn't speak it through so it's with subtitles - sorry! The holiday time makes our house quite noisy, so I didn't even try to get any silence around here. Summer is for living and playing, not for staying quiet to get Mom recording her vids, right? After few weeks I'll be back to speaking mode and you can be entertained with my special Finglish accent, hah!

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