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by - 9/24/2016 06:00:00 AM

Hello! We are pregnant!

I'm not sure about the right word in English, but I'm sure we have a secret passanger inside our mare - yay! So in next May we can expect a little furry baby with four way too high legs! Can't wait to see her or him.

Expecting a baby is always a huge mystery for both the adults and children, but especially for children. We have been talking, talking, and talking about what size the foal is now (about a teeny tiny kitten!) and how much does the foal need to grow up before its ready to be born. So much to discover and wonder!
And yes, sure we are ears on the belly, even though it is impossible to hear or feel anything yet. But we have a good imagination ;)

The layout is made for Hip Kit Club using August Hip Kits! Watch the video above in order to see the whole creation process, it was so much fun to create the layout.

Thank you for stopping by!

Materials used: Hip Kit Club August Main Kit, August Embellishment Kit, August Project Life Kit, August Color Kit, August Paper Kit, August Cardstock Kit

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