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Sharing some fun I had in early September in Norway. I had a huge privilege to be asked to teach in Okkatreff event in small Norwegian town Egersund. It was such a sweet and beautiful town. And people there even sweeter and more beautiful! Thank you Brit Sviggum and Linda Olsen to asking me! And thank you Linda Brun for being patience with me in my tiny suitcase issue!
And as I'm in thanking mood, I'd like to thank you 13arts for sponsoring two of my workshops! And then special thank you for Create A Smile - it was a great honor to be the first one abroad with Create A Smile products.

I also write about the event to Create A Smile blog, here.

If you ever have a chance to go Norway, go. It's an amazing country with awesome people, everything organised so well, and did I mention about friendly people!?

Thank you. Thank you so much!
See you soon!

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  1. Terhi it was a pleasure to take your courses, just too bad a weekend goes by so quickly. Oh would you come to Norway again, I really hope I get the chance again to learn from you.
    Big hug Jorunn


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