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by - 12/08/2016 08:00:00 AM

Hi there!

First of all - sorry about the worst photographs ever! I finished this one just last night before giving this to my daughters, so I had to photograph it in quite bad light. No photographing without natural light anymore, I think.
But I hope you get the idea of this sweet calendar anyway.
It's an advent calendar, and made with exclusive ephemera from Hip Kit Club December Documented kit. Each day includes a hint for treasure hunting. So far our daughters have found sweets from winter boots, pom pom maker from our sauna, just to name few examples. They're loving it!
And I loved making this. It includes only paper, embellishments and adhesives. No mixed media at all. Lots of paper folding and cuttiing tiny pieces, lots of fun.

Hope you are inspired! Thanks for stopping by!

Materials used: Hip Kit Club November Main Kit, November Color Kit, November Embellishment Kit, November Paper Kit, November Cardstock Kit, December Documented kit

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