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Yesterday was my day over at Kaisercraft blog (see the original blog post here) and I'm thrilled to tell you I finally have a collection to scrapbook colorful photograph of our brown horse!
The collection 'Cherry Tree Lane' is a bit vintage, very romantic and includes lots of warm colors. It has many flower patterns and other nature themed patterns and I'm in love, who new I'd enjoy this collection so much!
Anyway, the layout tells a story about Mea, who wanted to have a photograph of herself on a horse without saddle, without a helmet, without anything. And as Lotte, the horse, was so calm and actually quite tired, I took the risk and let her sat there just the 30 seconds to take the shot.
No one was injured, fortunately. I'm always (too) careful what comes to animals, children and safety.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. It's beautiful, so full of flowers and great colours!


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