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by - 9/04/2019 06:00:00 AM

Hey there all!

What a fantastic start for September. First, at the first day of September I had a wonderful opportunity to share you the news that I have jumped back to Hip Kit Club Design Team. Who could say no if one so lovely, generous, supportive and the most encouraging lady ask you to come back?! I couldn't, and I didn't.
Only, I won't be doing much of process videos as I just to do. So many things going on in my personal life that I just can't make time for everything. I hope once we get back home I can create more videos, but for now only sharing my projects will have to do.

The second happy thing in September is this first post for Hip Kit Club.
I have played with August 2019 Kits and this is the first layout I have done. Triangles again, I know, but I love triangles, flowers, watercolors and butterflies. You'll find all of those in this layout!

I can't wait to see what this continuing journey with Hip Kit Club will bring. Ladies in the team are so talented and inspiring!

Thank you for coming here today to share the news!

Terhi xx

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  1. 1. Congratulations!
    2. Beautiful project <3

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