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Hi there!

I sincerely hope you love colors as much as I. It feels like using colors gives me power and strength, like some magical and weird medicine. Or therapy!
Especially now that we're still away from our own home, and all everyday chores are different, a bit more difficult. Like yesterday, I thought to work from home. Morning was ok when the girls were in school, but in the afternoon even a phone call was tricky as you can't run away from any noise when you only have one room. Finally the girls decided to go play with friends outside, and I could continue focusing to my work. Sounds like a small problem, if a problem at all, but when it continues for the ninth month...
Well, I have learned to be grateful for what we have. Lovely family around, and work to do, food to eat and water to drink. Horses to ride and paper to play with! Living several months (of not years) in apartment with lots of toxic mold, it is really a miracle we're healthy. I'll be grateful forever.

Back to the layout! 
I was inspired by the lace cut files from Paige Taylor Evans (link), and cut some with Silhouette. I used basic white cardstock to cut them, and then painted all with Paper Fashion Gouashe Paints (link). The paints are like between watercolors and acrylic paints. Heavier than watercolors but you can work with them much easier than with any heavy paints.
The laces screamed to have a coat with rainbow colors, and I continued the color fun with American Crafts and Vicki Boutin collection called Wildflower & Honey (link). There are couple of layouts I have used it already, and I think the whole line is genius! There's even a vellum sheet with butterflies! Vicki definitely heard my thoughts.
Last I just added details with Paper Fashion Basics Watercolors (link), and that's it!

Now I'm off to play a bit more! Have a great Friday!

Terhi xx

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