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by - 6/20/2015 08:00:00 AM

Hello and welcome to enjoy of colors! May Hip Kits were full of colors and even though I usually stick or one or two main colors on my layouts, I decided to go on a different route this time.
The layout tells about my older daughter's first visit at her school. She is starting her primary school next August and now at the end of May they had their first visit at the school. Maya was quite excited and she loved it - her teacher seemed nice and professional and the school with it's yard were also very up-to-date. Lots of jungle gyms and other to play with - there is a reason why Maya's nickname is a monkey... ;)
Anyway, this layout was on Hip Kit Blog the other day. Please visit us there and see the July Kit reveal (picture below)!
And if you ever have thought to become a subscriber for Hip Kit Club, now it's the time - using a promo code "terhi" you'll get a free Paper Add-on Kit!

Materials used: May Project Life Kit, May Cardstock Kit, May Color Kit, May Embellishment Kit, May Main Kit.

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