Scrapberry's: Little Moments

by - 7/04/2015 11:00:00 AM

Hello all and happy weekend! It's time for my first project and blog post over at Scrapberry's blog, here.
I didn't wonder too long what to do as my first project - chose something very familiar to me, scrapbook layout with simple color theme and subject close to my heart. The photograph in the picture combines two of my biggest passions: scrapbooking and teaching, I took the selfie during preparations to my very first workshop last spring. It was so exciting and so fun at the same time.
I love talking in front of people and telling about my biggest passion, scrapbooking, was unbelievable satisfying,
If could choose, that's what I'd do for living. I can always dream, right?

Materials used: Scrapberry's, 13arts, American Crafts.

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