Souvenirs from Italy - Scrap2Days 2018

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Hey there!

This summer has been like a ride in a roller coaster. So much amazing events and places, and no way I can write everything down here to my blog. But I want to share the highlights and rest will be scrapped and show to you in my future creations.
First: Italy.

I was invited to teach in Italy June 23th-24th. Such beautiful small village in the mountains. I fled to Bologna and there was about two hours drive to the hotel the event was. So breathtakingly beautiful! Old buildings, mountains, even a castle! All could be seen straight from my hotel room balcony. I could easily spend weeks in there!
My co-teacher was lovely Steffi Ried from Germany.
Check out her blog here:

Some details of the first day.
I taught one layout and one minibook, and both twice as the group was so big.

Between the classes I sneaked to the pool to enjoy sun and warmth. It was like +26c, which is very hot for me, for Italians just another regular day of June.

Serena, our host, is professional organizer and it could really been seen. Everything was running perfectly from the beginning to the end. Nothing to complain.
It was a shame my journey last only two nights, all the people were so nice and kind that I would have loved talking so much more with all.

Did I mention about how beautiful the venue was? And the food? It was soooo good! And so much of food! Me and Steffi we both were mouth dropped open of the mount of food. And the tastes. Everything melt in mouth. So good. Pastas, meat, salads, bread, desserts... The list in endless even in two days journey.

Me, Serena and Steffi.

The lovely group of about 70 ladies.

Can I already go back to Italy?

Thank you Serena and Scrap It Easy for this amazing weekend.

Remember come back tomorrow, I'll share some New Zealand moments.

Terhi xx

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