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by - 11/18/2015 08:00:00 AM

Hi there! Today I'm sharing my workshop projects from Mixed Media pARTy
The first on was made during Aida Domisiewicz workshop. I had so much fun using gesso and coloring everything blue and turquoise. She has magical touch, really unique way to use mediums and create textures. She loves textures, and I think it shows in my work as well.
The next one was made during Olga Heldwein workshop. My hands got a gel medium bath and I even found some from my hair - so yes, we used a lot of mediums to create really dimensional tree. Olga is so passionate, she is fun and easy person to be with. And she know a lot of things. About everything.
Last one is a layout made in Anna Rogalska's workshop. I have never used that much of flowers! It was fun to experiment, and use things a lot differently that I've used to. For example, using mists as they are designed to: spraying! Ha, so much fun.

I learned a lot. I discovered a lot. And had a lot of fun. Did I mention that I really had fun and enjoyed every moment!?

Thank you for stopping by!

Materials: 13arts

Ps. I had so much fun.

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  1. Amazing works and we have so much fun and great time.


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